New Journey of Decai Visual National Tour Exhibition (Hangzhou Station)

Digital Navigation and Smart Picture in the Future

On May 10, 2019, at the Eurasian-American International Hotel in West Lake District, Hangzhou, Decai Visual will join hands with Chuangkai Intelligence in the national new product launch conference in 2019, and jointly open a new road of "Digital Pilot and Intelligent Picture Future" national tour. More than 200 partners, experts, distributors, integrators and engineers from Hangzhou will share the new feast of science and technology.



As a sponsor of this cooperation, Decai Visual It will perfectly display the black technology applications of Luban series of small spacing applications, 4K splicing screen processing, 3D/VR teaching and security education solutions.



The Tour Products of Decai Visual Company include: Luban series 1.25mm HD 4K small spacing and 1.875mm intelligent posters.Decai's Luban series of small spacing has always been the hottest product in the market, to light to thin product design, thickness of 38mm, weight of 5KG. Three high and one low performance: high refresh, high gray level, high utilization, low power consumption. Solve the technical problem of brightness adjustment loss gray level in industry. Super real 4K display screen is more gorgeous.



ntelligent poster: unlimited free splicing screen, 36 products, can be used in different occasions, commercial integrated advertising application solutions.